50 Magical Diy Fairy Garden Ideas Suitable For This Christmas

Christmas will be here in a just over a month so the question now is that are you prepared for it because these last few weeks will whiz by and before you know it, your children will be ripping through all the presents. If you are at the mall looking for holiday ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree, consider the elegant looking solar Christmas lights as an alternate to standard electricity powered lights. Make this Christmas a “green” Christmas.

Like all solar products, solar Christmas lights do not produce any gas emissions and are environment friendly. The lights are very much the same as any other decorative lights but the biggest advantage of using solar powered lights is they do not need a power outlet so you won’t have to worry about fire or other house damages when you are visiting relatives on Christmas. The solar powered Christmas lights reduce your energy bill during holiday season.

Solar panels absorb the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. The Christmas lights have a battery that stores the electricity received from the sun. Some lights have panels on top which means you will have to put the lights in such a way that they come in direct contact with sunlight, while others you have to put the panel under direct sunlight and the energy is passed through a cord that runs to the string of lights.

Another good thing about these lights is that the LED bulbs have a long life span so you do not have to buy Christmas lights every year.

Installing takes roughly one to two minutes. Just mount the light on the ground and that is about it. The sun will do the rest. Another plus point is that these lights have sensors so they turn on automatically at dusk which means you won’t have to switch them on every evening.

The advantages of solar powered Christmas fairy lights are many including the following:

Firstly, they are economically sound and environment friendly because the solar panels use the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. These are used as alternatives for traditional Christmas lights which consume a large amount of power hence the electricity bill shoots up considerably during the holiday season.

Secondly, the solar powered Christmas lights are available in various designs, shapes and sizes just like the standard Christmas fairy lights. What kind of a look they give your home, come Christmas, is entirely up to you due to such a huge variety of colors and designs.

The bulbs tend to be sold in round ball shapes and they are also available in oval and teardrop shapes but they will be more expensive. The most common colors are red, green and yellow but you may find the lights in some different colors like blue.

Moreover, solar powered lights add beauty and elegance to the decor of your homes throughout the holiday season. Other than Christmas, these lights can also be used for birthdays and anniversaries and even for advertising purposes or simply as porch, garden and landscape lights.

We recommend that you not place these on trees and bushes because here the direct sunlight can be blocked which means your lights won’t perform optimally. But you can place them on office buildings or your home together with traditional Christmas ones.

Solar Christmas lights use the popular LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb and come in a variety of string lengths and various designs. The light produced is bright and clear. We assure you that you just won’t be able to tell the difference between your new solar lights and the previous electric ones – except of course when the holiday electric bill arrives!