50 Incredible Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas

Incredible Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas 39 Incredible Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas 39

If you are looking for some traditional Christmas craft ideas have you thought about making some sugar mice. These fondant sweets are fairly easy to make once you have the right mold and the kids will love them.

In fact the hardest part will be not eating them before the holiday season even starts.

Making paper cones and filing them with sweets was a Victorian tradition widely practiced. You can replicate the idea by cutting 8 inch circles in foil paper and folding them in half.

You need to cut a hole and then wrap the paper around your finger so it overlaps to form a cone. These cones can then be hung from the tree branches after being filled with sugar almonds and similar sweets.

Most homes either make or buy mince pies for Christmas and in Europe it is traditional to leave a mince pie and a drink for Father Christmas. In some Scandinavian countries make gingerbread houses and Christmas tree decorations and this tradition is widespread in some parts of the US.

Most kids love homemade gingerbread and it isn’t too difficult to make for those of us who are not master chefs. If you are going to use the Gingerbread as decorations you will need to use a little more flour as you want them to be firm rather than spongy.

Don’t make them too early either as you don’t wan them to be stale when the kids decide to eat them. You can use fondant icing to help accentuate the features of the house or whatever shape you decided to use.

Edible Christmas craft ideas won’t do a lot for your waistline but then that is what January is for. Diets have no place in the holiday season when the emphasis should be on fun and family and not the weighing scales.