50 Cute Winter Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Cute Winter Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas 27 Cute Winter Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas 27

Are you planning on throwing a baby shower for a close friend or family member? Why not consider a flower themed baby shower? This theme is beautiful either in the middle of summer or when people could use a pick-me-up in the dead of winter.

Follow these steps to creating the perfect flower themed baby shower:


Start by determining a color scheme and incorporating your color choice in the invitations. Consider neutral colored flowers, such as off-white or yellow, if your mom-to-be doesn’t wish to reveal the sex of her

Orange flowers are vibrant and great for both baby boys or girls. Bright pink or deep red are gorgeous colors if one is expecting a girl and blue floral invitations are perfect for a boy.

You may order personalized invitations online or at your local print shop. You can also get packs of invitations at many office supply or discount stores. If you’d like to create your own, find supplies at a local craft store.


While traditional bouquets are always beautiful and colorful, there are other creative ways to either make your bouquet more exciting or use flowers in unique ways. For instance, you may consider putting yellow and orange flowers in a basket with pumpkins, pinecones, and even fall leaves for an October or November shower.

Another option is to purchase flower shaped candles and put them in short round vases full of water and clear stones. Light the candles, right before guests arrive for a wonderful glow to the room.


In addition to placing flower bouquets throughout the room, you may also hang floral vines from the ceiling or lace them along the walls. Spreading flower petals on each table and along each major walkway will also add color to the room.

If you are hosting an outdoor shower, you may want to greet guests with a garden archway covered in ivy and roses. This will also create a wonderful photo opportunity.


You may choose colorful flower lollipops with the date of the shower written on them, or perhaps chocolate lollipops in the shape of tulips or daisies. Other choices include: flower shaped soaps, packets of flower seeds for each guest, or flower party boxes full of candy, chocolates, or nuts.

Floral picture frames are perfect for displaying photos taken at the shower or other fun family shots. Finally, small flowering plants or bud vases with a bloom or two make excellent gifts for female guests.