50 Cute Winter Decoration Ideas for Kids

Cute Winter Decoration Ideas For Kids 37 Cute Winter Decoration Ideas For Kids 37

Autumn is a beautiful time of year when we transition from the warm summer season to the chilly and often snowy winter season. The leaves are changing, the temperature is changing and life often gets back to a more even pace during this time of year.

But the kids are accustom to all the fun summer activities so they may be looking for new things to occupy their time while they are not in school or doing homework. There are a number of fun fall activities that can be enjoyed this time of year, both indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor Fall Activities For Kids

Many of these outdoor activities can be fun family activities for the weekend. Some can be fun to do in the evenings, however once the time changes and it starts getting dark early it can be a little more difficult to get outside early enough for some of them.

Visiting an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch is a great way to spend a fall day. Apples are in season this time of year and this offers a great way to have fun while getting apples for caramel apples or apple cider. It can also be a fun way to get your kids to try different types and get them to eat healthy snacks.

Pumpkin patches often have fresh fall produce other than pumpkins as well. Plus they often have a fun atmosphere with scarecrows and other fall things to get kids excited for Halloween. Have them pick out a pumpkin that you can carve or paint together.

Collecting and even raking leaves can be a lot of fun for kids too. If you need to rake the leaves anyway have the kids come out and help you, but make it a fun event. Jumping and playing in piles of leaves has always been fun for kids, but you can make a fun game of it and enjoy this activity with them.

Collecting leaves is a fun way for them to learn a little bit about the trees in your yard and neighborhood. Start collecting in your yard then walk the neighborhood and try to find as many different types as you can.

Indoor Fall Activities For Kids

Many of the outdoor activities can be extended or broadened and turned into fall indoor activities for kids.

Use the leaves you’ve collected to create a leaf scrapbook. Kids can decorate the cover of either a photo album or an album they’ve created themselves. They can then use that album for all the different leaves they have collected.

They can even label the leaves and learn about the shapes of leaves that come from different trees like Maple, Ash and Oak.

Use the pumpkins you bought at the pumpkin patch to have a pumpkin painting party either with the family or with friends. Or have them help you make an apple desert like apple crisp or caramel apples with the apples from the orchard you visited.

Enjoy the distinct flavor of this season with these fun fall kids activities. They offer a great way to share time together and they will create fun memories that your kids can share with their own kids someday.