49 Beautiful Master Bathroom Decoration Ideas For Valentine

Beautiful Master Bathroom Decoration Ideas For Valentine 39 Beautiful Master Bathroom Decoration Ideas For Valentine 39

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share a few tips about maximizing the love zones in your home. Sure, it would be nice to run off for a weekend retreat that includes a hot tub, but that option is not always cost effective.

Let’s focus on the two major romantic areas of a home: the master bedroom and bathroom. In this article I will explain how a few home-staging tips can dress up your love nest for the Heart Day holiday. Adding ambiance and pizzazz doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Greenery can go a long way in the bathroom. You can stop by your local craft store or even a retail outlet such as a Ross Department store and pick up some greenery items. For example, consider an artificial orchid in white or pink tones that can be placed in the corner ledge of the bathtub.

Also think about a small potted vine or ivy for a shelf or the toilet tank lid. This will soften up the room and add a soothing effect. The next great step is to add candles. These can already be in your home, or you could buy tea candles from Target. To create a spa look, purchase white candles. Place them around the room, the counter, any shelving, line the tub sides and even group them on the floor in a safe area that won’t impede getting into the tub.

While you are out shopping, consider picking up a few oversize white bath towels. Roll them up and place them in a basket located conveniently near the tub for your loved one. Another way to show your appreciation is to run her/him a relaxing bath. Bath salts or bubbles can be found in beautiful basket displays at retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart or even your local drug store.

Or if your budget is tight, most women have bubble bath hiding in the linen closet or under the sink. If you have children, make sure to clear out all the bath toys before beginning this plan!

The last thing that will help add a romantic feel for this newly created spa atmosphere is music. You can play a CD by a favorite artist or one that has soothing beach sounds. Sound and smell are excellent ways to help us recover from our everyday troubles.

You can create a relaxing, beautiful Valentine’s Day retreat without leaving home or hiring a sitter by only spending a few dollars. Of course, if you could hire a sitter, I’m sure your significant other would not object!

To create a spa-like retreat in the master bedroom, you can duplicate some of the steps discussed for the bathroom. However, de-cluttering should be the first step. Hang up clothes, put dirty laundry in its place and clear off the dressers. Use as many candles as possible without creating a fire hazard.

If your master bedroom is a large area, then purchasing pillar candles in glass containers is a god option. You wouldn’t have to worry about the mess of burning wax and they store easily. Pillar candles can be found in any local department store and dollar stores. If you do purchase candles in bulk, make sure that they do not have an aroma that could overpower a room. Also, using music in a bedroom will add to a romantic mood.

To enhance the romantic atmosphere, you can purchase a few throw pillows for the bed. For less than five dollars each, your local Marshall’s or Burlington Coat Factory are great places to shop. Select a silk or satin material in warm colors such as gold, red, berry or pale pink. Adding a vase of fresh flowers will also increase feelings of beauty and create a resort-like quality.