50 Awesome Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas You Will Totally Love

Awesome Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas You Will Totally Love 34 Awesome Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas You Will Totally Love 34

Bathroom remodeling ideas you can afford: A bathroom is usually one
room in the home, even a busy family home, where you can expect to
find some peace and quiet.

For mothers of smaller children, it’s often the only “retreat” space
they have, and so bathroom remodeling ideas should
take into account turning this space into a tranquil environment.

There are many bathroom redecorating ideas around, but which ideas
are the ones that really appeal to you?

Look at the d├ęcor of your bathroom. Does it really fit with a tranquil
theme? Are there soft colors, soft lighting and places for candles
around your tub? Or is the shower gel fighting for space with an
assortment of kid’s toys? How stress-free can a bathroom be if that’s
the case?

Can you relax on an air-filled pillow when you get into the tub, or are
you fishing out ducks, boats and sponges left over from the kid’s

Sort out the bath toys that are still required and dispose of
the rest. Find some kind of storage container for them and make
it your kid’s responsibility that all things are returned to that
container after their finished bathing – and follow this up with a
threat that anything found floating in the tub will be consigned to
the garbage!

Having gotten rid of the debris, now look at your color scheme. Which
colors are the most relaxing for you? It’s surprising how different
a coat of paint will alter how your bathroom looks. Not to mention
how you feel when you spend time in your bathroom. Color can
raise and lower your stress level. Bulls go after the color red
for a reason!

Choose a theme and work this around the bathroom – perhaps a Victorian
floral theme, or a Scandinavian minimalist theme – look in some home
decorating books for bathroom remodeling ideas.

If you don’t have the money to refurnish the bathroom, use what you
have with some paint techniques to freshen it up like the bathrooms
in the magazines. Have a mural painted on your ceiling.

If you do have a little extra budget for remodeling your bathroom,
and depending on where you live, having a heated floor could be a great
asset, especially in the winter!

Imagine stepping out of the shower and onto a floor that’s just warm
enough to stand on comfortably as you dry yourself off. As heat rises,
the floor, especially at ground level, is one place that generally
remains cold. I know I hate stepping out of the shower onto a cold
floor. Ouch!

In the bathroom, a heated floor is a luxury that’s well worth
considering, especially if you have a tiled or wooden floor!

Bathroom remodeling ideas don’t have to cost a fortune. You can
easily achieve a totally different look in your bathroom on a small
budget if you fix a theme, get rid of un-necessary clutter into storage
areas, and then shop around for the accessories that fit your theme.

In no time at all your refuge can be transformed into a retreat space
to help refuel your spirit.