50 Fantastic Industrial Table Design Ideas

Fantastic Industrial Table Design Ideas 38 Fantastic Industrial Table Design Ideas 38

Though there are many different styles and sizes of tables available for business use, customers still many not find what they are looking for when they review the selection.

Whether they want ergonomic tables suitable for employee workstations or custom tables for specific business tasks, they may require a customized solution. Some manufacturers, sell direct to business customers and offer customized production designed to meet this need.

What Are Ergonomic Tables?

Ergonomics focuses on how our bodies interact and work with various objects. Ergonomic furniture is designed to prevent repetitive stress injuries in users. Designers follow specific scientific principles to create furniture that allows users to perform tasks comfortably, safely, and efficiently over both the short and long terms. Ergonomic furniture need not touch the user, as is the case with a table or desk.

The height of an ergonomic table prevents the user from slouching on stretching to work on the desktop. If computer equipment will be used, accessories like a monitor stand angled to the correct degree and a keyboard shelf installed at a certain height are recommended. Ergonomic tables, chairs, and computer furniture purcahsed or manufactured from a reputable manufacturer, will work together to prevent repetitive stress injuries in users.

Having Tables Custom Designed

Consulting with an ergonomic specialist is a good place to start when considering ergonomic tables. An expert will present and review the different types of table styles available with you to determine if one is compatible with the user and type of work that will be performed.

If a suitable table does not exist, then design specialist can, as a furniture manufacturer, work to create a solution tailored specifically to meet your needs. This may sound like a lengthy and expensive process, but the best of the best have extensive experience that enables them to generate designs and produce finished solutions very quickly and efficiently.

An ergonomic table may have an adjustable height with one of several lift control options. This allows the user to adjust the table to different heights for seated or standing work. It also enables more than one person to use the same table. Most table designs are ADA compliant, providing an ergonomic work surface for users seated in wheelchairs.

These lift tables may be operated by a hand crank or electric motor with an up-down rocker switch placed anywhere on the table for easy height adjustment. An optional foot pedal switch makes electric motor operation even easier.

Ergonomic tables come in many standard sizes with dimensions that can be customized. They also offer custom design services. Customers can stipulate the debt and width of the work surface along with the capacity desired for the table.

Various top options are available including chemical resistant, stainless steel, solid surface, and static control. Optional accessories include storage cabinets, file drawers, electrical outlet strips, tool trolleys, keyboard trays, and flat monitor stands.

Custom tables are also available for other purposes like laboratory or clean room use. These are made from durable material like stainless steel and have optional features including castors (wheels), adjustable height, overhead accessory booms, and storage compartments.

With so many customization options available through industrial products manufacturers, business owners should be able to find tables that meet all of their specifications based on users or tasks performed.