50 Modern Electric Fireplace Designs To Makes Your Living Room Cozy

Technology and innovative designs have made major changes in the world of electric heaters since the time of the metal, squared, boxed, ugly little things of the past. Today the electric heater has advanced to a new level.

With the ease of installation, the great looking mantels, and the new concepts on the electric flame, these units are more than just a piece of equipment-they are truly a work of art that will quickly become the gathering point of all social actives for your friends and family alike.

The vent less design has helped to keep the cost of installation very reasonable. Without the need of any vents the hiring of of a building contractor is not required. The roofer will not be needed without a chimney being installed. And the gas will not have to be ran and hooked up. The building license for any of this will not be an issue.

Most of the electric fireplaces are basically a plug and use design. Being most of the fireplaces run off the standard household current of 120v, the wiring will not have to be changed. This free standing ability allows the modern day electric fireplaces to place placed almost any place you would like.

The days of having to be against a wall for the chimney are over. Placement flexibility allows for bold and creative ideas in home decorating and remodeling. Even if you have a older fireplace, the electric inserts can be used.

A more realistic flame has been introduced. The sounds of a blazing fire has been incorporated to make a more realistic experience. Depending on the unit , you will even have a remote control. Not only will the power be controlled, the heat can be on or not.

Great for the times you might want to have the feel and ambiance of the fireplace but don’t really need the heat. Another feature on some of the flames is the option to control the brightness of the fire. Some of the fireplace inserts are made with real wood. The use of randomized lights and in some cases fiber optics displays can create a very real illusion. The ember beds also help the round out the great look.

The fireplace mantels can come in a wide selection of style, design and color. Stone mantels look great in most any home d├ęcor, but the wood work can come in pecan, walnut, oak and mahogany to name just a few. There is also the black or white. Once you decided on the mantel, the next choice is the design.

The standard, flush against the wall units work very well, but have you considered all options? Did you know a tv and media console is available? With plenty of storage shelves for most you your electronics, the top mantel will support a tv or use that space for what-not’s and hang a flat-screen above it. Do you have a empty corner that needs a little sprucing up?

The corner units are a way to use the extra space will adding to your home furnishings with a great working fireplace. Any of these units will also be great for the mobile homes.

Don’t forget about the patio and deck. Even if you have limited space, there is an outside fireplace that fit most spaces. Built of weatherproof construction, these fireplaces are great for great for the screened-in porches and gazebos. Some come with cd players or a empty spot for your own electronics, while others are engineered with planters for your favorite plants.

All of the electric fireplaces of today will compliment most any of the home decors. With the many different designs and colors the only problem could be which one to put where. Regardless of your final decision, this spot in your home will soon become the place where everyone wants to be.