50 Stunning Garden Gates Beautiful Backyard

Stunning Garden Gates Beautiful Backyard 41 Stunning Garden Gates Beautiful Backyard 41

Few things create the perfect backdrop for your backyard garden like beautiful cedar fence gates. The warmth and richness of the wood not only provides the perfect canvas for your greenery and landscaping, but also provides you with privacy, security, and the serenity to relax and be yourself after a long day at work. Here are seven design ideas for cedar fences and gates to meet any budgetary or aesthetic requirement.

1. Pre-Built Panels: For maximum ease of installation nothing beats pre-built panels of fencing. With panels as high as 6 feet tall or as low as 3 feet and picketed, you are guaranteed a beautiful fence with minimal installation cost. When using modular fence panels, the most important thing is to measure your yard carefully, and check the dimensions of the panels before installation. It is recommended that you set posts as you set panels, rather than pre-setting posts, so you can adjust accordingly.

2. Lattice-work: A type of pre-built panel fencing, cedar lattice patterns make for an attractive fence, whether the lattice is diagonal or straight up and down. The benefit of lattice is that they are perfect for crawling and vining plants, should you need a little more privacy, or for that ‘dappled sunlight’ effect.

3. Basic Standard Fencing: One type of fence that has stood the test of time, is the standard fence. This type of fence consists of treated posts buried, and preferably, cemented into the ground with horizontal rails bracing these posts. Fence planks with square, gothic, dog-eared, pointed or rounded ends are then nailed or screwed to the rails and treated with water seal, or in the case of Tom Sawyer, white wash.

4. Good neighbor fencing: A variation of the standard fence, a good neighbor fence helps you lay out the boundary of your property with a fence that is attractive from either side. Instead of merely hanging fence planks side by side, you alternate a three-inch gap on between planks on either side of the fence. This way your property is well defined but you are not completely closed off from your neighbor’s yard.

5. “Traditional” Cedar Fence: This type of fence blends the construction of the standard fence, with the modular aspect of pre-built panels. Rough lumber is often used to create strong panels that are built on the spot. The heaviness of this fence, and unique design elements it offers, such as planter windows, make this one of the most attractive, and most labor-intensive types of fences on the market today.

6. Alternate Tops and Bases for Fences: Depending on your personal style and budget, you can choose from a variety of custom features to give your fence more ‘gravity’ or a luxury finish reminiscent of Spanish gardens. For an Oriental theme, consider using a stone base to make your fence strong and ageless. For a lighter feel, consider using latticework around the top to provide a view of neighbors and the community beyond.

The ultimate luxury finish is a vine-covered trellis top running along the perimeter of your fence. As grapes, honeysuckle, and other flowering vines race along the top it will dapple the light in your back yard for beautiful garden parties and outdoor meals.