50 Ingenious Ways Turn Old Stuff New Stuff

Ingenious Ways Turn Old Stuff New Stuff 42 Ingenious Ways Turn Old Stuff New Stuff 42

It’s Spring again and that means looking around and deciding its time for a fresh new look in the home this year and there is no better way to do that than giving some of your old furniture a much needed face lift. It may be tempting to banish away and old dresser to storage (or even the dump) but why invest hundreds in a replacement when it is possible to revamp your old look with something new and exciting for a fraction of the cost? Remember smart decorating is not new design, its redesign.

Take an old dresser or desk. The finish is scratched and worn and the hardware has definitely taken a beating. It should have been gotten rid of years ago but it can still store a lot of stuff that just has no other place in your home. So now what do you do? Simple – fix the bad and save the good.

A fresh coat of paint and a couple of new knobs sometimes is just what the doctor ordered. Try stripping the old finish and re-stain the wood to its former glory. This will add rich new color to any piece. Or shake things up by sanding the wood and then applying a fresh coat of paint to introduce new color into the room. In either case it is important to remove old knobs and pulls and throw them away because nothing can bring down a makeover quite like unflattering accessories.

Knobs and pulls make a dramatic difference in the overall appearance of any piece because it is the small details that draw the most attention. Try adding a touch of elegance with glass hardware or restore the antique pieces with reproduction hardware. Antique hardware is hard to find and cannot always be guaranteed to be in the best condition upon arrival so it can be a costly pursuit to look for originals but new pieces that have been recast from the original moulds offers all the beauty without the signs of wear and tear. There is nothing wrong with choosing only the best for your home.

Perhaps you are looking for a more dramatic effect in your home, something to really shake up the design. Take your replacement cabinet or drawer knobs one step further and replace some or all of the doorknobs in your home. Remember the doorknob is one of the most frequently used items in the home so its appearance will make an impact on your design and visitors perception of your home overall. Doorknobs are available in a variety of materials ranging from glass to solid brass to cast iron and can be coordinated with existing door hardware because it is available in several finishes and designs as well.

These tips are not only meant for the older or Victorian homes – they can easily be applied to modern homes, apartments, condos – wherever you choose! Create a new theme in your lighting and electrical hardware by adding new fixtures and switch plates. Tie in your door hardware by using a common finish and design. The choice is yours and can be done one step at a time or all together.

Let this Spring be the one where all those “need to do” projects get accomplished and help your home put its best face forward this year.