50 Attractive Bedrooms Twin Beds Ideas Small Rooms

Attractive Bedrooms Twin Beds Ideas Small Rooms 37 Attractive Bedrooms Twin Beds Ideas Small Rooms 37

Children’s bedroom furniture tends to be, well, younger. The beds are twin-sized, the storage is intended for toys, and there is a good chance it may have been decorated in some sort of childish theme: rocket ships, fairies, flowers, you name it. But when you child grows up, chances are they will begin to shun all traces of the childhood they enjoyed so much.

First the clothes, then the music-next thing you know, they want a total bedroom renovation. And who could blame them? They’re no longer children, but adolescents. Keep your teen in good spirits by letting them in on the decision-making process when it comes to their bedroom furniture with these simple ideas.

One alternative for beds, other than the traditional bunk bed, is the futon styled bunk bed. Twin-sized beds are perfect when you’re younger, but when you’re growing in height and width, they can get uncomfortable. A futon styled bunk bed is a fresher update. When your kids are reaching that precarious “tween” stage, they want something slightly more adult.

This is a good option for kids to transition from, since the bottom part of the bunk can convert from a sofa into a full-sized bed. The standard twin-sized bed is still on top, so they can either roam back and forth between bed sizes, or use the top as a place for friends to sleepover.

Futon beds will certainly come in handy when your child grows up and heads off on their own-whether in college or their first apartment, they will need something to sleep on. Buying a new twin bed can be costly on top of all the other college-related expenses. However, futons need to be flipped once a month or so to keep firm.

In an effort to save space, you can also find bunk beds with built-in workstations and desks. Although the homework is lighter when they’re in grade school that will quickly change. Having a place for your kid to finish their work other than the dining table (which can get distracting) is a good way to establish a routine after school.

Most of these desks are built into bunk beds, thereby maximizing the space in the room as well as saving you the additional cost of buying a separate desk. These are great in medium to large children’s bedrooms, but in smaller rooms, it might be best to find a small desk, since these have fairly large dimensions.

If your child always had a bed that was separate from all the other furniture, adding a headboard and footboard will instantly dress it up and make it look more adult. Most headboards and footboards are sold separately, but the difference is striking. There are plenty of headboards for beds that include a shelving area or an elongated bookcase, perfect for placing books, papers, or other odds and ends.

As far as other d├ęcor goes, ask them what they’d rather have. An all-black room is a bad idea, and you’re their parent and should tell them so. But a fresh coat of paint or some bulletin boards to post pictures is an easy fix. A new table lamp or a colorful area rug can also infuse new life into a childhood bedroom.